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I’m glad you’re there and I’m here! Decided to start a new blog which is going to tell a story to you about the life and the vistas that me and my different lenticular pieces of glass behold now and then. Also kinda way to document some parts of life, too, and later.. sooner or later share it with me myself again.

Once upon time in the middle of nowhere there was Chair. He dreamt about airplanes. He wanted to be an airplane, fly far away and meet other airplanes. Chair wanted to meet a girl airplane, who he’d love and they’d two little kid airplanes, they’d live happily ever after. But all the Chair had was loads of air, a house and nothing that reminded about airplanes, and in the middle of that there was Chair.
I felt myself as an interrupter when capturing him standing there so undisturbed.

Anonymous he always wanted to be. Sweared a lot

A random portrait that I like rokk.jpg